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Trance Alchemy 101

7 day workshop retreat w/ Dwaine Hartman


The first 2 days of the retreat will be dedicated to healing the self with the Trance Alchemy process.


You will get to feel the process and see live demonstrations to

understand how magical and fast this modality works.


The next 5 days will be an in depth training in the art of Trance Alchemy 101

You will learn, experience and demonstrate the 5 core transformation points listed below. 


1.Recognizing and demonstrating the evolutionary trance state

(Recognizing the god within you and in others produces a trance state that transcends the session beyond this reality of control and limitation, back into the freedom of choice and creation)  


2.Critic removal and integrating the supportive voice of source

(properly removing the critic stops the devastating self defeating program that all are plagued with. This critic is what stops you from everything you want to do. Imagine your life without it and only hearing the supportive voice of source).  


3.The unfreezing, healing and integration of the Inner child

(The child in us can be stuck in time stopping us from moving forward. Some of the indicators are abandonment issues, fear of authority,

dis-empowerment, and low self-esteem. What would it be like to shift that quickly in yourself and others ... that is exactly what you will learn)    


4.Reclaiming the power of spirit

( In circumstances of dis-empowerment of various types there is a stealing of the spirit that takes place. In fact the connection is still there with the offender on a energetic level and the steeling continues until it is dealt with properly. You will learn how to deal with these issues appropriately and see in amazement what it looks like when a person gets their power back).  


5.Releasing the soul from the control matrix and integrating it with the unbounded spirit.

(We have been controlled manipulated and governed in our natural evolution. Part of the control that has effected humanity so much is the influence on the soul, splitting the soul from the spirit and limiting the soul. You will learn to remove, heal and transcend this influence freeing people to their true nature).  



You will take people from stuck states of being like:

dis-empowerment, low self-steam, self criticism and even depression


Into high vibrational states like:

Joy, freedom, self empowerment,

and living the dynamic state of creation through the unbounded spirit.


You see... people have problems because they don't know who they are, you will show them the magic of who they are.


You will learn how to move people into dynamic states expressing their creation.

We all know we manifest reality through our state of being, now imagine what you will do for people when you learn to move them to that dynamic state of creation.

You will witness magic is indeed real.


At the end of the training you will be certified to practice the art of Trance Alchemy 101 and join in our world wide team of Trance Alchemists in a ongoing movement.