Saturday, Mar. 24, 2018
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 Amie's Tesamonial 

WOW Dwaine, Being in this aligned state after our session, I was able to help deliver a very important message of encouragement to a friend. She called me and said "I have a dilema... " and I was able to immediately pull her answer from her for her. It was SO amazing! I LOVE Doing this! You are so helpful!!! Thank you for helping me UNBLOCK all thats been holding me back. I know I am responsible but your gift was "THE KEY" I am SO grateful and thankful for your service to humanity! Truely amazing... NOW I am excited about life and what my tomorrows will bring. I will make notes all over about all the great tips you provided. Thank you, Thank you! ... and yes, you have permission to share this with anyone who needs to see how awesome having a session with you truely can be!!! Yippie : ) Amie



Hey Guys,

Just wanted to share that the moment I started this course I got feelings (bliss,love,happiness) all over my body.

I get these feelings when I listen to music or anything full of emotion, beauty, love or something that rings true for me.

I also got these feelings when listening to your radio show, so I just want to say I am feeling your good vibrations and I can feel your love, I am really glad that I am doing your course it gives me something to focus on. I can relate to everything you guys are saying.


For your first task I said I would know MYSELF in a way that is unexpected. All I can say is that in seeing my reflection I just felt love for myself in a new way it was nice to look at myself and feel love for myself it is something I rarely do! I usually look at nature, children, animals, things of beauty (music) and I feel so much love for these things but it is always external, it was nice to look at myself for a change and feel a huge amount of love for myself.

I would just like to say thank-you for your course and radio show for it points me in the right direction and allows me to feel the vibrations of love and the higher consciousness that is available if I am in tune.

I look forward to going deeper into the wonderful little course you guys created and sharing what else I learn as I go on this exciting voyage into the unknown. Maybe I will find some more hidden treasure if I do I will be sure to share it for what use is my treasure (love, joy, happiness, peace) unless I can share it.

Thanks for listening

Talk to ya soon


Your friend

Thomas  ... From Ireland


"My introduction to hypnosis and hypnotherapy was more by accident than by design. I inquired about hypnotherapy based on a whim to discover if there were some hidden aspects of my mind and being that were holding me back. What I discovered was radically different from what I expected. For me, it was a journey into my own mind and being that connected me more deeply with the person I have always wanted to me. Dwaine taught me how to access parts of myself that are immensely powerful as well as parts of me that have been inhibited and fearful since an infant. I learned how to bring the two together to live a more refined life. Additionally, Dwaine does something few other professionals do. He teaches self reliance and empowerment, rather than dependence on others. What I learned and experienced is only the start of my journey but it has given me a foundation to work towards pure enlightenment."


- Lee Afleck, Edmonton, AB



"I was confined to my house due to my anxiety attacks - until 2 months ago. Because of the unique individualized program that Inner Balance Hypnotherapy designed for me, I can now enjoy going out in the country again. In fact, I'm in the country right now as I write about this life changing experience. I had tried many programs before and not one of them worked this well. Inner Balance Hypnotherapy has turned my life around."

- Rene, St. Albert



In loving Memory of Dennis Boutin, you are greatly missed my old friend 


"I was skeptical at first but... for 5 1/2 years I suffered with chronic pain. After the program at Inner Balance Hypnotherapy, I learned what to do with my own mind to help myself and now I'm the happiest man in the world. I have a new life now pain free and can even sleep in my own bed again. I recommend this program to anyone with pain. What Dwaine teaches you makes you believe in yourself once again."

- Dennis Boutin, Tomahawk, AB



"I just want to tell you my story. For three months prior to meeting with Dwaine, I had been suffering an extreme bout with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I had constant abdominal and back pain, spasms in my bowel and colon, etc. I found a drug that gave me some relief, but I knew I needed a little push to get me on the road to recovery. I read about hypnotherapy helping (IBS) and decided to try it. After my first visit I felt so relaxed and as the days went on I felt even more in control of my body and am no longer in pain. I am more confident now that I have my life back again."

- Rea, St. Albert



"I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia three years ago. I had gained 100 pounds and was in constant pain, and constant frustration, stress, anxiety, and angry all the time. I felt like I was starting to slip into a depression. Since conventional medicine has no treatment available I began my journey of alternative treatments. After many attempts with various treatments I found recovery slow and therefore I gave up. Desperate to find relief and the person I used to be, someone suggested hypnotherapy to me and I thought why not. I was instantly comfortable with Dwaine, even over the phone. The first visit we worked with alleviating stress and anxiety. I had not felt so calm inside for years. In the second visit we focused more on sleeping deeper, becoming more rested, self-esteem, and new eating patterns. We worked on ways to refocus and alleviate stress in every aspect of my life. After two weeks and three visits, the constant pain has reduced to pain now and again. And I am losing...a few pounds; I feel less stress and much more rested. The person I once was is beginning to surface. I would recommend Dwaine Hartman at Inner Balance Hypnotherapy to anyone and everyone."

- Yvonne S., Edmonton, AB



"I have been a client of Inner Balance Hypnotherapy for over a year at this point. I sought out hypnosis as a solution to weight issues that I have been experiencing for the majority of my life. At the age of 4 I got my first taste of the dieting world. I was not by any measure obese, but I had put on some weight suddenly. It was then I learned that food deprivation seemed to be a punishment, and that being "good "meant being rewarded with comfort [in my case, food]. The roller coaster had begun and it gained incredible momentum through my school ages and adolescent years. So, I began my journey into hypnosis, and I say "journey "because I am constantly learning, and discovering new things... What a ride! My intention was to lose weight, and I did so... Effortlessly as a matter of fact! The process was slower for myself than for some others, but I managed to lose sixty pounds! That sounds impressive, but the reason it doesn't astonish me is that I experienced so many other wonderful changes. All of a sudden I was sleeping soundly through the night, full of energy, displaying incredible memory skills, and much much more! It was an absolute pleasure to not feel like I was going to the principal's office to be berated every time I had to see a doctor.


My physicians and specialists were amazed with the dramatic turn around in my health. I knew many exciting things were happening, but sometimes wondered if I was just imagining. However, the test results did not lie! My blood pressure was way down [almost immediately after beginning sessions], my blood sugars became stabilized, cholesterol dropped, and I even experienced quite a boost in my immunity and healing abilities. I was legally blind when I started receiving hypnosis. I could not read anything anymore; I had difficulty manoeuvering everyday tasks by myself, and was becoming gradually blind. I'm not saying that the hypnosis cured all of my problems, but it certainly made me better able to cope, heal, and affect positive solutions to my problems. I've had three surgeries on my eyes to date, and my physicians are once again baffled at the amount of sight I have gained. I can do so many things that I was previously becoming unable to do. In summary, I would strongly recommend Dwaine Hartman to any human who would like to grow, learn and discover more about our healing possibilities as humans."

- Kate Haginicolakis, Edmonton, AB



"I went to Inner Balance Hypnotherapy for 5 sessions on birthing with hypnosis. During our time together Dwaine taught me relaxation techniques and self- hypnosis. We also learned how to use Anchors that quickly bring on the state of hypnosis. My husband was taught how to use these anchors to assist me to re-enter the state of hypnosis so that if I needed to, he could assist me in my process of relaxation. I also learned how to bring myself out of hypnosis on my own. The state of hypnosis worked wonderfully and during my labour, much to the surprise of the nurses on staff. My blood pressure between contractions resumed to normal and even below normal. This was something that the nurses had never seen before and curiosity caused them to ask what I was doing, so I told them. I'm proud to say I didn't need to use any medications for pain and I went through six hours of labour without any discomfort. We delivered a beautiful baby boy. I know how the state of hypnosis helped me through my labour, it made my birthing experience a very positive one."

- Michelle Kohlsmith, Westlock, AB