Saturday, Mar. 24, 2018
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Experience working with Dwaine Hartman first hand in this FREE VIDEO MEDITATION: “Journey Within the Timelessness”
UNWIND from your busy day with Dwaine’s amazing vocal vibration. So HELPFUL! So RELAXING!
You will feel the love of source when you listen to any of Dwaine’s helpful .mp3s + videos. He has SO much to offer!!! Please take a moment and connect to the “YOU” that you truly are.
Dwaine helps you get there SO FAST! He has such a gift and is SO helpful! Try this video out and know that EVERYTHING you receive from him will be just as PURE and POWERFUL!

(Amie I. Chattanooga,TN : Massage Therapist, professional photographer & intuitive counselor) 



Beyond Insomnia

Beyond Insomnia is a single recording designed to assist you to fall asleep at night.

4 different methods are used in this recording to assist you to do that.

Plus your pillow your bed and the warmth of your blankets are anchored with

triggers to assist you to fall sleep easier every night.


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Awaken To The Lighter You  

Awaken To The Lighter You Part 1& 2 unique hypnosis MP3's designed for the purpose of weight loss.

The techniques used in this session are very powerful and with repeated listening results increase.

This series of 2 MP3's have both the single voice and triple voice version's for more effective results. 30min each. 


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Anxiety Relief

This 2/ 30min mp3 set is packed with peaceful suggestions...

learn to release and let go of anxiety as you comfortably move into deeper levels of tranquility.

Fear is only a learned response so relax and enjoy as you unlearn the program of anxiety and remember tranquility.


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Dreaming Realities

Dreaming Realities is an excellent choice for those seeking assistance with manifestation.

These 2 journey's are 30min long and intended to stimulate unconscious creation of what you want.

Learn to visualize as a deeper program of success is being gently installed on an unconscious level.   


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The Old Man Journey


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Take this magical 45 minute Journey with Dwaine for free … and after…. just try to feel small, ordinary and limited again.


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Love, Light and Blessings