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Critic Removal

 It Is Time To Remove The Internal Critic


Over Skype

  • Have you ever wanted to advance spiritually and found something blocking you?
  • What about wanting to do your passion in life but hearing so much internal negativity that you just put it off.
  • Are you a person that just wants to feel good but there just seems to be a negative repeating feeling you can't get away from??


The base to all human suffering is the lack of connection to our supportive unconditional source. So what do you think gets in the way of that connection .... that is right ... the INTERNAL CRITIC also known as the voice of the demeaning aspect of the ego. Now what if i was to share with you that this part doesn't belong to you would you believe me?  


What if I were to share with you there was an influence that wanted to control the human race ... to dis-empower HU-MANS to insure you would never reach their full mental and spiritual potential. What if this group wanted humans to feel bad for no reason at all because this would diminish the light you hold within you, the light you need to feel good and advance to higher levels of consciousness and manifestation. 


How would this influencing group go about doing that you might ask... well one would have to start in early childhood. One would have to influence heavily through societal based upbringing to convince a perfectly loving being to self reflect in judgement. To compare self to others and criticize the self and its own actions. One would have to convince this loving being to judge it self in every societal setting. Then this criticism would move even deeper inside occupying time spent alone, in front of the mirror, even the car, making this act so prevalent in people that it became a societal norm. There would be no where to go to get away from this internal criticism. There would only be an ongoing chatter that continuously down plays every action in fear because of the societal rejection.


With the paranoia about what others might be thinking, there you would have it a perfect self governing mind trap. A mind trap where humans are boxed in feeling fear for enlightened thoughts and afraid to even start their true purpose for being here. Dose this sound familiar?... i bet it frigen does!  


It Is Time To Get Your Power Back 




Remove The Critic


This internal critic does not belong to you it is not you... you learned it over time ... and once you remove it you can hear the song of source in your heart once again like you did when you were a child.


What does it feel like once it is removed .... like bringing a dark kept flower into the sunlight. To hear, see and feel the love of source come from you again is divine... like something you felt when you were just a child.



Dose this actually work?....  Well let my clients explain it to you ....


The realization that the inner critic is not a part of our true Self and that it can easily be removed is as simple as it is brilliant. I do not know any other approach that addresses and overcomes the issue of this demeaning program inside of us with such clarity and effectiveness and therefore is able to bring this immense degree of empowerment and freedom.

Since the session with Dwaine I am holding a much higher vibration and it is also easier to keep this high vibration even in situations where it used to be really difficult for me. It feels like I am living my life now from a new, uplifted baseline - which is pure joy. I also feel a strong motivation to take steps towards the realization of projects that I used to dream of only before. It all seems easily accessible now.

Thank you so much, Dwaine. It was a delight talking to you, I enjoyed every minute.

Bless you,




Dwaine Hartman is an incredibly giving, gifted, and skilled practitioner. His transalchemy approach is specific to HIS gifts and abilities, which he has honed and personally developed with so much integrity. In minutes, Dwaine swiftly and easily guided me into FEELING the difference between fear/worry and love/faith, thus giving me the instant tool of being able to clearly choose, of my own accord, the latter with greater ease than I could have imagined. Additionally, my Heart opened up so wide in his presence, that I felt the Love in me with more clarity and intensity than I have in a long, long time. Dwaine is a superstar Angel gift :) Thank You!

Devora Kalma

Thank you Dwaine ....
Do you have a voice inside your head that nags you? That inner voice that starts up first thing in the morning reprimanding you for what you did wrong yesterday? Quickly moving into worry about your upcoming day? That voice that is always there to let you know your not good enough, to remind you that you might fail at this or that? That sometimes subtle inner feeling that things are not alright in your world? It just seems that no matter what you try you cant seem to get out of this cycle of feeling bad or less then? 

Thats where I was less then four days ago. I found out that little voice is my INNER CRITIC and she keeps me fogged in to a reality not of my making. She keeps me asleep and under the impression I am not worthy of the Love in this world. I know this only now since she has been lovingly removed from my inner reality. The physical kick to the inside of my left brain followed by an empty light feeling in my mind was all I had at first to know that she was gone.

But now... Oh now, I have so much more to share about the truth and power behind that inner critic being evicted from ones mind. The love I feel is out of the scope of my understanding. The sheer bliss my inner world has experienced in the past four days has altered my outer reality. Strangers smile at me where ever I go, I feel like this beacon of light attracting more and more love to me. Everything seems so much more beautiful to me. I am more relaxed in my relationships. The outcome is they are more more harmonious. I am Love drunk. At moments its overwhelming but in the instant the thought 'it's too much' comes the love subsides and I feel a serenity wash over me. I have tried to call my critic back as the Virgo aspect of my personality needs her logic and reasoning as this makes no sense to me.... but alas, I truly cannot find that inner voice right now. Like a physical aspect of me has left. 

I have still felt what we coin as negative emotions, but they don't linger as they used to. No longer fueled by my fear they make their presence known to be acknowledged then move on as swiftly as they came. I feel more clear and much more connected to my higher self and the divine energy that is. I cannot explain how or why it works, it just does. If your living under a cloud of your inner critics taunting, I strongly recommend having that aspect of yourself removed. Your life will turn around so fast it will take time for even your over active mind to catch up. 

I am so excited for you.....Blessings to you and Good Love on your Journey.


Crystal Dawn Star's Experience with The Hartman Approach.

Guidance comes to those who seek with honest heart; Dwaine doth speak. Not knowing what the experience would bring; I was happy for the blessed opportunity of self discovery on a deep or higher level. Knowing that indeed it was time; as the Universe had aligned it's blessing with my hearts yearning. The butterflies I felt; where firmly and lovingly focused upon with the determination to go face to face with my whole self. To release and accept whatever needed be. What I sought to remove was the shyness that was a result of the little critic that nagged me at moments; causing self doubt. I knew that was not mine. I did not know completely how to banish it. I sought to accept with love, my Being and for once and all embrace my Souls purpose. Prior to our meeting I asked my Spirit Guides for their assistance. I also asked myself to relax and just let me and all flow naturally. Trusting Source of All; The Great Mystery to help me see what needed to be shown. I also requested for Dwaine to receive whatever He really needed; if there was anything. All according to our Highest Selves; for the Highest good of All. I know it was done for shown I was. The meeting itself was evidence as I did not tell verbally Dwaine what I needed. Yet He offered me opportunity to meet Him half way on the bridge, confirming to me that indeed the Universe had given its blessing. I was most Joyful for the blessing; as long and hard I worked to get to that time and place and I was a little nervous at first, as it was a new experience for me. I was used to being the helper; not the helped! I naturally needed the help as we all do at times and was not disappointed in any way. I was not good at asking for help when I needed it. As a Helper I had seen many things and so my shields were up a great deal. My experience was Amazing to say the least. I had felt the great Energy of Being before; spontaneously, yet had not yet learned how to ground fully. My keys within just waiting for me to retrieve. With a little brilliant guidance from Dwaine the keys were so easily and joyfully picked up; instantly filling me with the Electric Love of Being. I was fully present and loving it. Dwaine instantly recognized it and we shared a giggle about that. It began to reach heights that actually made it difficult for me to speak. I breathed slowly to acclimatize myself. Dwaine knowing just what to do and what to say made it very easy and comfortable for me to do so. I was so happy for that welcome and His gifts. During our session I felt my wholeness and gazed up to the heavens in appreciation for the gift of Being; the gifts that Dwaine shared with me in his Teaching and was Awe Struck by what I saw. Within the cloudy cold sky, there was an opening where the Sun shined brightly and the clouds moved to form into the shape of a Great Eagle. For me; that is a Great Sign. As Eagle is very special to me and often comes when most important. A true blessing. Total confirmation; although I needed it not as I could feel it and knew it within my very being. The Joy was rolling and flowing to astounding heights and I asked for help with grounding. Dwaine was wonderful in assisting me with that process. I must admit that I have learned from other Teachers and Guides a little about grounding, yet I was still struggling with it. Dwaine walked with me through it, and as we grounded my whole body jerked so hard, I was literally lifted off my chair in a rather shocking way. Which actually brought on another dimension of energies and feelings, that I was most grateful and appreciative to feel. The bliss was so astounding; the energy in me so alive I was vibing literally. Dwaine's presence was very strong; so strong my Daughter thought that He had literally come to the house we were in. We did this through skype. Dwaine's awareness and ability very skilled, My Spirit Guides assured me, He was experienced among other things I will not write here as some things are personal. Together we learned; it was a joyful, fulfilling experience and I was conscious the entire time. The critic was banished, with gentle guidance from Dwaine. He never told me anything but shined brightly making it easy for me to flow with him and attend to our business together. I was in charge of me; He was a great hand to hold through the experience. He made suggestions when I needed them but allowed for me to choose the direction. A most wonderful Trans-alchemist indeed. It was a joy and fun, a wonderful surprise to me. I was surprised be cause the help I have provided to many has been in what is often called shadow work by some so it is not always so fun! That critic went on somewhere else to teach and learn with those who need it; where I do not know as it is not mine, or my business. An intense Blue Orb came and I was struck by more electric energies or even stronger higher frequencies. Inside I saw lightening strike, in intense white (for the second time in my existence as Crystal) within my Crown in all directions. I felt intense love blessing and healing me. I met myself and learned more of my relations,including my Star relations. Many Great Teacher's and Guides and Beings I have had the honor of meeting. Many others the honor of learning with. I learned more about how to be a greater helper through my experience with Dwaine. I am most appreciative of that. Dwaine was patient, Strong, Caring and very observant. One does all the driving so too speak, and goes exactly where they need to go. He does not waste "time" but gets to work profoundly and quickly. Be ready to Breath and shut your mouth (hahahahaha) when the Ah strikes. As it will if you truly are ready and willing to work on yourself and ask Dwaine to help you. I deliberately wrote this testimony twice. Once right away to record the details of our experience from my perception, and again later. I had to. The energy I felt was so intense and grew stronger long after our session was done. I needed time and space to process. I was aware of much more than I had been before our meeting. I even learned about past lives shortly after. That was a pleasant surprise I had certainly not expected. The experience was life changing in many ways and on many levels. I can honestly say that even now a good month or more later I am still expanding and growing into more of my true self, learning better how to self care. Dwaine will always be someone I give great appreciation for. If you are ready for such an experience truly. Then Dwaine is a wonderful being to work with. Dwaine I thank You for you Being, for your wonderful abilities and for your caring nature. It is my honor to write of this experience, to share it with you and others. A gift that keeps on giving. Bless You and Thank You so Very Much. I know I am well; it is and as proof to you the Reader; You get to read and know a little about my experience. The old shy me would have not opened up so bravely and shared this with you all so publicly. The Whole Me knows it is good, right and time. Bless You Dwaine.