Saturday, Mar. 24, 2018
Hypno Training
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The Hartman Approach 

 Life is about to get really interesting for you

 The New Style of Hypnotherapy

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 Based on his up coming book


Live workshop or individual program online


This lecture/workshop will take you on a journey through releasing what binds you from higher vibration, accelerates you into your natural frequency that is your spiritual birthright, and activates your God/Goddess within. We have been held back from our natural evolution as human beings... It is time to change that.  



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60 people min 

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Online Webinar

Awaken The God Within


Online Webinar


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Build your own group Save 50% 


In group you pay only 300.00 each for a special group rate.


There are 4 sessions, taught once a week for 4 weeks as a group. 


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600.00 Normaly...



We will begin a 4 week journey into your unbounded spirit

The God Within You.


We meet in the online training room 1hr, once a week for 4 weeks 

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Personal Program

Personal Program With Dwaine

 Over Skype

4 sessions 600.00 CAN

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What to Expect

2 Interviews that explaines all




Client Interviews