Saturday, Mar. 24, 2018
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Weight Loss With Kevin



Kevin Wolchansky C.C.Hyp. & Trainer 


Graduate of The Hartman Approach to Hypnotherapy 






 Kevin Specializes In Weight Loss Programs.


This Program Is Offered Online Or In The Office.


If you have a BMI (Body Mass Index)  of 25 and over

you may want to look at his Hypno -Band program. 


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N'Tranced Weight Program 




N'Tranced Weight Program a revolutionary new way of taking off those extra pounds you have been trying to shed with no success. No more gimmicks or fad diets, none of the starvation and denying yourself an enjoyable life, just a straight ahead goal oriented program.





Learn a life-long lasting method that incorporates your mind first so you never crave again, to activate a high level of energy to help burn off those calories and your body to let go of the weight and sculpt a newYOU.





"N'Tranced Weight Program" is completely safe and it works for life-long change that doesn't end up in the YO-YO effect where the weight comes off and then you put it back on, but a gradual consistent weight reduction that will last the rest of your life!



4X 90 min Personal Sessions $ 560

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 N'Tranced Weight Program CD