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  Dr. Dwaine Hartman C.C.H 

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

The Trance Alchemist  

In fulltime practice and teaching since 1999


Personal Transformation CoachT.H.A


 ...And creator of 


The Hartman Approach to Hypnotherapy  

Fast, Effective and Very High Vibrational Healing.


Skype therapy sessions anywhere in the world

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 I have developed my own styles of working with you. You have the magic within and I simply help you bring it out...



Fears, Phobias, Regression Therapy, Inner Child Healing(T.H.A), Inner Critic Removal(T.H.A), Past life Regression, and Abduction Memory Discovery, and much more simply just ask me. 


I Also created high vibrational healing methods...

Emotional Alchemy, Human Harmonics, Trance Alchemy Activation's,

Manifesting Reality and Law of Attraction in your own way.


I have worked with everything from healing to high vibrational activations since 1999.



Hello I'm Dwaine also known as (Inner Balance 11) on Youtube. I'm a hypnotherapist, teacher, author, online TV/ Radio host and producer/ Publisher. I support this grand change in you that is happening and assist you in meany ways. I'm here on Earth for one soul purpose ...to provide you with the simplest most grounded approach to Personal & Spiritual Tarnsformation there is. Emotional Alchemy, Trance Alchemy, and Human Harmonics are the new mental, emotional and spiritual agents of change that simply return you to the power of your true nature...



Wow, well I have to say, going in to my session with Dwaine, I really had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know if I would go into a deep trans-like state, deeply relaxed, counting from 0 to 10 snap, awake! I had no idea. Then, just as we were having regular conversation I began to tell him how I was feeling and right before I started to slide down into a lower vibration, he began working his magic. It was just as simple as imagining myself, saving myself. Just like that, going back to the time where the negative feeling originated, I claimed my own power and rescued myself from what had been frozen in time. It probably took 5 minutes, to start feeling the effects. Right after our session, I felt this surge of pure positive energy rise within me! Pure Joy, taking over my entire being, I felt balanced and safe. I felt so so happy, and grateful. I don’t think there any words to describe how I felt, except the natural euphoria of being alive and well. Magical. My life was very easy to change after this. I could see myself, so clearly. What I deserved and how worthy I was of greatness was so evident to me now but, in a different way, in a way that I could finally feel inside. I’m so grateful for Dwaine’s gift and his generosity. Blessings to him forever!
Cree Joy




My amazing friend Dwaine Hartman offers personal empowering sessions on Skype! He's amazing! I know this from personal experience as I've had a session with him. He helped me with some break throughs & from it, amazing changes have happened in my life!  You've been a huge blessing to me Dwaine. Sometimes I don't think people like you realize the impact you make on others.

Rose Ferrachi



TRANCE ALCHEMY works .. Dwain Hartman makes it work!
For several days I was sapped out of energy. Hyper Solar flares, Earth polarity changes, entering into the “fall sector” in heavens; and corresponding change in Earth's orientation relative to the Sun, have saturated our environment with negative, and some time “Crazy” energy. 

Yesterday, I spoke with Dwaine and told him how I feel; he asked if I would you like to get rid of this negative energy, and my answer was “absolutely”. He started to anchor my thoughts to the emotional and physical aspects of energy; how do I feel when I invite the light to me, and where that feeling is strongest (mid chest cavity for me). In few minutes I sow the white light emanating from me, and felt unmistakable surge of “good” energy! TRANCE ALCHEMY works .. Dwain Hartman makes it work; he invented it! Magdy Youssef



More About Dwaine


At an early age i was concerned about the human condition. I could see the control matrix at play limiting human experience. These limitations are played out in many ways that most people are totally unaware of. In fact so entrenched are these patterns we unknowingly teach them and practice them with each other. I knew i had to do something and the only avenue i could use that was free enough to allow me to meld my ideas into a practice was hypnotherapy ... so i created my own style of hypnotherapy "THE HARTMAN APPROACH"one that focuses entirely on de hypnotizing people from the control matrix and bringing them back to their true nature. Although I have been in full time practice and teaching this style of hypnotherapy since 1999 I have been involved in it all my life.


I have found in the years I have worked with people as a hypnotherapist that there is one thing that creates difficulties, dis-ease and dis- harmony in our life, that is the separation and dis-connection from our relationship with our loving source. We take on a negative societal hypnosis at an early age and loose track of our true nature...



Dwaine Hartman is an incredibly giving, gifted, and skilled practitioner. His transalchemy approach is specific to HIS gifts and abilities, which he has honed and personally developed with so much integrity. In minutes, Dwaine swiftly and easily guided me into FEELING the difference between fear/worry and love/faith, thus giving me the instant tool of being able to clearly choose, of my own accord, the latter with greater ease than I could have imagined. Additionally, my Heart opened up so wide in his presence, that I felt the Love in me with more clarity and intensity than I have in a long, long time. Dwaine is a superstar Angel gift :) Thank You!

Devora Kalma

More About Dwaine's Thoughts 


The further we follow this societal hypnosis we get separated from our true nature with source and the more we get signals of dis-harmony, dis-ease and physiological dis-comfort. The solution is to come home to self … our true nature.


I invite you to experience this world of soul expanding possibilities that will ascend your spirit to new levels of BEING through a deeper exploration of who you truly are. I have come here this lifetime to bring a freedom to your mind and soul that I call your true nature. Through emotional alchemy we can free our self emotionally to new experiences of light and love right here right now. Things are changing, the world is changing and more than ever we need to connect with our heart and soul ... we are much more than we have been told and our true power does not reside in our head but in our heart. 


Thank you Dwaine ....
Do you have a voice inside your head that nags you? That inner voice that starts up first thing in the morning reprimanding you for what you did wrong yesterday? Quickly moving into worry about your upcoming day? That voice that is always there to let you know your not good enough, to remind you that you might fail at this or that? That sometimes subtle inner feeling that things are not alright in your world? It just seems that no matter what you try you cant seem to get out of this cycle of feeling bad or less then? 

Thats where I was less then four days ago. I found out that little voice is my INNER CRITIC and she keeps me fogged in to a reality not of my making. She keeps me asleep and under the impression I am not worthy of the Love in this world. I know this only now since she has been lovingly removed from my inner reality. The physical kick to the inside of my left brain followed by an empty light feeling in my mind was all I had at first to know that she was gone.

But now... Oh now, I have so much more to share about the truth and power behind that inner critic being evicted from ones mind. The love I feel is out of the scope of my understanding. The sheer bliss my inner world has experienced in the past four days has altered my outer reality. Strangers smile at me where ever I go, I feel like this beacon of light attracting more and more love to me. Everything seems so much more beautiful to me. I am more relaxed in my relationships. The outcome is they are more more harmonious. I am Love drunk. At moments its overwhelming but in the instant the thought 'it's too much' comes the love subsides and I feel a serenity wash over me. I have tried to call my critic back as the Virgo aspect of my personality needs her logic and reasoning as this makes no sense to me.... but alas, I truly cannot find that inner voice right now. Like a physical aspect of me has left. 

I have still felt what we coin as negative emotions, but they don't linger as they used to. No longer fueled by my fear they make their presence known to be acknowledged then move on as swiftly as they came. I feel more clear and much more connected to my higher self and the divine energy that is. I cannot explain how or why it works, it just does. If your living under a cloud of your inner critics taunting, I strongly recommend having that aspect of yourself removed. Your life will turn around so fast it will take time for even your over active mind to catch up. 

I am so excited for you.....Blessings to you and Good Love on your Journey.



What does he do?


Dwaine is a highly trained innovator in the art of hypnotherapy, using an eclectic approach of open and closed eyed hypnotic trance work which he created, advanced  language skills, and pattern interruptions to create the opening for emotional transformation in your life, but this means change work is going on even in what would appear to be normal conversation. People that have an opportunity to communicate with Dwaine report just talking with him, they feel better but are not sure why.




Dwaine specializes in fast fear reduction... Dwaine discovered years ago that the emotion of fear is the root to all problems and dis ease in our life, a simple shift from fear to freedom is the cure. Fear simply creates a response that is the opposite experience than what we want in life every time. In going through the programs you will experience the freedom of the simple realignment process and the joy of being back in sync with yourself. Once this is accomplished you will understand your key to succeed, heal and transform your life will be a simple shift of emotion that you can do at will.


Who can benefit from the programs?    


Anyone with problems adults, children all can benefit from these programs because all problems have their root cause in fear. We are either in fear and restricting our success or we are in freedom and have no problems. Dwaine has worked with many people over the years of being in practice click here to see what issues he has helped people with in the past click here to see some of the testimonials.




WOW Dwaine, Being in this aligned state after our session, I was able to help deliver a very important message of encouragement to a friend. She called me and said "I have a dilema... " and I was able to immediately pull her answer from her for her. It was SO amazing! I LOVE Doing this! You are so helpful!!! Thank you for helping me UNBLOCK all thats been holding me back. I know I am responsible but your gift was "THE KEY" I am SO grateful and thankful for your service to humanity! Truely amazing... NOW I am excited about life and what my tomorrows will bring. I will make notes all over about all the great tips you provided. Thank you, Thank you! ... and yes, you have permission to share this with anyone who needs to see how awesome having a session with you truely can be!!! Yippie : ) Amie


Tanya Zeches Testamonial 





I would like to give a huge thank you to Dwaine Hartman for clearing my negative vibes from my mind and now I can truely allow my passion and love to flow through me unto others at all times! I will be posting some links to access his amazing Hypnotherapy sessions. Become connected with your true inner being :) It feels great to just let go of unnessary hurts from so0o0o long ago! I feel lighter! like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and back! Again I thank you Dwaine! :) much love & light! Bonnie



Where does he do his work?    


Now You have the opportunity to choose between ...


  • In office or online programs
  • Group or private programs  


For those interested in the, in office programs ... the office is located at  #14 2021 Millbourne Rd Edmonton AB Canada.


The benefit of the online program is there is no travelling parking and it doesn't matter where you live in the world you can still participate in these life changing programs.


Some people enjoy our option of mixing both in office and online with their program.


So no matter what you would like to achieve, heal or simply do better in life at it is only fear that stops you, when your ready to leave fear behind and move into the solution imagine the freedom and... 



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 Crystal Dawn Star's

Experience with The Hartman.




Guidance comes to those who seek with honest heart; Dwaine doth speak. Not knowing what the experience would bring; I was happy for the blessed opportunity of self discovery on a deep or higher level. Knowing that indeed it was time; as the Universe had aligned it's blessing with my hearts yearning. The butterflies I felt; where firmly and lovingly focused upon with the determination to go face to face with my whole self. To release and accept whatever needed be. What I sought to remove was the shyness that was a result of the little critic that nagged me at moments; causing self doubt. I knew that was not mine. I did not know completely how to banish it. I sought to accept with love, my Being and for once and all embrace my Souls purpose. Prior to our meeting I asked my Spirit Guides for their assistance. I also asked myself to relax and just let me and all flow naturally. Trusting Source of All; The Great Mystery to help me see what needed to be shown. I also requested for Dwaine to receive whatever He really needed; if there was anything. All according to our Highest Selves; for the Highest good of All. I know it was done for shown I was. The meeting itself was evidence as I did not tell verbally Dwaine what I needed. Yet He offered me opportunity to meet Him half way on the bridge, confirming to me that indeed the Universe had given its blessing. I was most Joyful for the blessing; as long and hard I worked to get to that time and place and I was a little nervous at first, as it was a new experience for me. I was used to being the helper; not the helped! I naturally needed the help as we all do at times and was not disappointed in any way. I was not good at asking for help when I needed it. As a Helper I had seen many things and so my shields were up a great deal. My experience was Amazing to say the least. I had felt the great Energy of Being before; spontaneously, yet had not yet learned how to ground fully. My keys within just waiting for me to retrieve. With a little brilliant guidance from Dwaine the keys were so easily and joyfully picked up; instantly filling me with the Electric Love of Being. I was fully present and loving it. Dwaine instantly recognized it and we shared a giggle about that. It began to reach heights that actually made it difficult for me to speak. I breathed slowly to acclimatize myself. Dwaine knowing just what to do and what to say made it very easy and comfortable for me to do so. I was so happy for that welcome and His gifts. During our session I felt my wholeness and gazed up to the heavens in appreciation for the gift of Being; the gifts that Dwaine shared with me in his Teaching and was Awe Struck by what I saw. Within the cloudy cold sky, there was an opening where the Sun shined brightly and the clouds moved to form into the shape of a Great Eagle. For me; that is a Great Sign. As Eagle is very special to me and often comes when most important. A true blessing. Total confirmation; although I needed it not as I could feel it and knew it within my very being. The Joy was rolling and flowing to astounding heights and I asked for help with grounding. Dwaine was wonderful in assisting me with that process. I must admit that I have learned from other Teachers and Guides a little about grounding, yet I was still struggling with it. Dwaine walked with me through it, and as we grounded my whole body jerked so hard, I was literally lifted off my chair in a rather shocking way. Which actually brought on another dimension of energies and feelings, that I was most grateful and appreciative to feel. The bliss was so astounding; the energy in me so alive I was vibing literally. Dwaine's presence was very strong; so strong my Daughter thought that He had literally come to the house we were in. We did this through skype. Dwaine's awareness and ability very skilled, My Spirit Guides assured me, He was experienced among other things I will not write here as some things are personal. Together we learned; it was a joyful, fulfilling experience and I was conscious the entire time. The critic was banished, with gentle guidance from Dwaine. He never told me anything but shined brightly making it easy for me to flow with him and attend to our business together. I was in charge of me; He was a great hand to hold through the experience. He made suggestions when I needed them but allowed for me to choose the direction. A most wonderful Trans-alchemist indeed. It was a joy and fun, a wonderful surprise to me. I was surprised be cause the help I have provided to many has been in what is often called shadow work by some so it is not always so fun! That critic went on somewhere else to teach and learn with those who need it; where I do not know as it is not mine, or my business. An intense Blue Orb came and I was struck by more electric energies or even stronger higher frequencies. Inside I saw lightening strike, in intense white (for the second time in my existence as Crystal) within my Crown in all directions. I felt intense love blessing and healing me. I met myself and learned more of my relations,including my Star relations. Many Great Teacher's and Guides and Beings I have had the honor of meeting. Many others the honor of learning with. I learned more about how to be a greater helper through my experience with Dwaine. I am most appreciative of that. Dwaine was patient, Strong, Caring and very observant. One does all the driving so too speak, and goes exactly where they need to go. He does not waste "time" but gets to work profoundly and quickly. Be ready to Breath and shut your mouth (hahahahaha) when the Ah strikes. As it will if you truly are ready and willing to work on yourself and ask Dwaine to help you. I deliberately wrote this testimony twice. Once right away to record the details of our experience from my perception, and again later. I had to. The energy I felt was so intense and grew stronger long after our session was done. I needed time and space to process. I was aware of much more than I had been before our meeting. I even learned about past lives shortly after. That was a pleasant surprise I had certainly not expected. The experience was life changing in many ways and on many levels. I can honestly say that even now a good month or more later I am still expanding and growing into more of my true self, learning better how to self care. Dwaine will always be someone I give great appreciation for. If you are ready for such an experience truly. Then Dwaine is a wonderful being to work with. Dwaine I thank You for you Being, for your wonderful abilities and for your caring nature. It is my honor to write of this experience, to share it with you and others. A gift that keeps on giving. Bless You and Thank You so Very Much. I know I am well; it is and as proof to you the Reader; You get to read and know a little about my experience. The old shy me would have not opened up so bravely and shared this with you all so publicly. The Whole Me knows it is good, right and time. Bless You Dwaine.




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We move no where in our journey to freedom.
We simply sit comfortably in our chair.
Allowing perceptions to change.
Discovering there is no time distance and space.
You don't have to wait any longer.
The magic is the flexibility of your perception.
The most important of these is your image of self.
Because your perception of you changes everything.
Your reality is only a perception you hold of you.
Dwaine Hartman