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The Hartman Approach 

 Life is about to get really interesting for you

 The New Style of Hypnotherapy

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Start a magical career bringing the magic out of others. 


Online Training

Online Hypnotherapy Certification Course 

The Hartman Approach

Teaching people to free the minds others since 1999 


 It Is Time To Change The Game!!  



Become a new kind of hypnotherapist one that awakens people to their true nature. Once in our true nature we are free to change and transform yourself quite quickly. Experience the change as you become certified to help others. 




 It is not new news ...  

Humanity has already been hypnotized into levels of dis-empowerment. It is time to wake up ... Step out of the box of limitation, and free our minds and souls to a new reality.


People need you to help them come home to their true nature and if you are such a person that wants to help in this awakening sign up.



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There are hours of instructional video, live sessions PLUS  

we meet online once a week 2hrs for 4 weeks each course for Q&A.

There are 8 courses in the program.


For thousands of years humanity has been under a societal trance that has reduced the ability to change, heal and transform our lives. This hypnotic trance can only be truly seen for what it is once awakened from it. This course is designed to do just that awaken people from this limiting trance and bring them out into the light of their true nature. In our true nature we are not limited, we are free to create your own reality, heal and transform our life. Like all truth there is a time for it to surface nothing can hold it back. The time has come for humanity to get up off its knees, take back their power, and live in truth. The time is now for people to know, experience and live the true reality of who we all are.

If you are ready to step into this spiritual profession of awakening 

Take the course and help us awaken others... it is time.



Hypnotherapy Certification Course



Hypnotherapy Certification Program...

In The Hartman Approach~ Trance Alchemy 


I not only teach you how to use hypnosis in deep trance work to change limiting behavior, but I also teach how to assist people to wake up from a societal hypnosis. Societal hypnosis has had negative effects on personal power and achievement for centuries. What you will learn are unique hypnotic techniques that free people into the power of their true nature, introducing them to their own healer within.


Dwaine Hartman is an incredibly giving, gifted, and skilled practitioner. His transalchemy approach is specific to HIS gifts and abilities, which he has honed and personally developed with so much integrity. In minutes, Dwaine swiftly and easily guided me into FEELING the difference between fear/worry and love/faith, thus giving me the instant tool of being able to clearly choose, of my own accord, the latter with greater ease than I could have imagined. Additionally, my Heart opened up so wide in his presence, that I felt the Love in me with more clarity and intensity than I have in a long, long time. Dwaine is a superstar Angel gift :) Thank You!

Devora Kalma



In this specialized approach to Hypnotherapy, I teach in a unique way that brings in your experiences and utilizes your present environment as your teacher. I teach in an ancient and unique way that tasks you to open up to your life experiences bringing them forward and leaving you with a solid unforgettable wisdom.






This is why this course is sought after, because it teaches you to stretch your past ideals of a classroom being the only place that learning takes place, and therefore anchors the new learning’s where they belong, with you and your personal environment. This Training is a complete melding of conventional hypnotherapy with the ancient shamanic styles of trance induction, therapeutic story telling, and unconscious/non - verbal communication.







Because of this style of training, you will be introduced to the world of watching and learning from the people around you, using your own environment as your teacher and developing your own imagination to create solutions to problems. This process of learning creates hypnotherapists that can create and think for themselves leaving you with a grounded level of confidence.


TRANCE ALCHEMY works .. Dwain Hartman makes it work!
For several days I was sapped out of energy. Hyper Solar flares, Earth polarity changes, entering into the “fall sector” in heavens; and corresponding change in Earth's orientation relative to the Sun, have saturated our environment with negative, and some time “Crazy” energy. 


Yesterday, I spoke with Dwaine and told him how I feel; he asked if I would you like to get rid of this negative energy, and my answer was “absolutely”. He started to anchor my thoughts to the emotional and physical aspects of energy; how do I feel when I invite the light to me, and where that feeling is strongest (mid chest cavity for me). In few minutes I sow the white light emanating from me, and felt unmistakable surge of “good” energy! TRANCE ALCHEMY works .. Dwain Hartman makes it work; he invented it! Magdy Youssef


Here hypnotherapy is taught in a way that you understand the principles of manifestation, the theory behind the hypnotic mind and how it all functions together. This knowledge then gives you the deep understanding to assist and create sessions for clients on any subject from sports, to healing, to spiritual alignment and past life regression.


There is an anchent state of mind where all senses become one, this state resets our reality. To enter this state of mind is like returning to zero point, I call it our true nature. Once there... it is very familiar and our life changes for the better.  





One of the many highlights of this program is the wisdom and freedom you gain personally. Much freedom and healing takes place as you move through these courses and realize that even you have been under an underlying negative hypnotic influence or trance, from society. As you free yourself from these influences and reconnect to your grander truth, you gain this amazing state of being that is balanced, peaceful and empowered. You then have the experience to pass onto your clients. 


 Press play and see what I'm about 





 The Hypnotherapy Certification Program

Online once a week...


There are 8 Courses in all to attain your Hypnotherapy Certification, each course is taught one course a month. Take all in sequence and be a certified hypnotherapist in the Hartman Approach in 8 months.


Each individual course will be taught in 4 weeks Online. There are 4 ... 2 hour classes a month on Skype once a week, plus video's, assignments and tasking for each course.


Once you have completed all 8 courses you will be a Certified Hypnotherapist in the Hatman Approach and eligible to apply to be a T.H.A member 


In these times of great change we need more than ever, people to help humanity in this healing process. If you are reading this and you have a feeling about it...  you are called to help. 


You receive dual Certification:


1. Certified Hypnotherapist 


2. Personal Transformation Coach 


The Dual Certification is given so you have the option of calling yourself a Coach or a Hypnotherapist.


We offer the dual Certification as a added gift to you, some people simply wanted a choice in what they call themselves.   


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