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Dwaine Hartman



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Dwaine Hartman C.C.Ht,Trainer, co-Author of the book Value Your Vibration, World Lecturer / facilitator of Awaken The God Within tour and creator of many reality shifting programs...


  • The Hartman Approach To Hypnotherapy 8 month(certificcation course) which includes meany tecneques to de hypnotize hunamity from the comon societal trance and return them to the power of their true nature.
  • The Human Harmonics Program which teaches the art of emotional flexibility empowering one to have controle of emotional states for proper manifesting.
  • Awaken The God Within which teaches the forgitten laws of the universe and brings one back to their spiritual birthrigt as a god/ goddess. This was a natural evelution that humanity was hypnotized out of.   


Dwaine has conducted countless Hypnotherapy training classes and personal sessions since his start in 1999. He has very easy but advanced methods of teaching, healing, and transforning that brings one back to their true self. The Freedom experienced from these trainings and or programs are transforming, enlightening and unforgettable.



Dwaine is a very captivating and enlightening speaker he holds your attention with his awareness and guides you through your personal transformations. With his healing stories it is as if change happens to you without any effort.    


Most of the concepts used and taught by Dwaine were learned through personal experience, this is what makes sessions and training with him so easy to implement in your life.     




Other websites include 



Face book: Inner Balance Media


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Dwaine has also been a popular online personaly. Producer, Director and Host of his own Radio and TV shows called Inner Balance Media. 










In his spare time, Dwaine is a video creator, creating videos that uplift and teach the message of returning to your true nature.


This state which is called "Your True Nature" this state is a state of oneness with your own source or GOD. A personal relationship you once had as a child before all the programing began.


If nothing else Dwaine is dedicated to the freedom of the human spirit.